What the heck is a mindful business?


What is a Mindful business?

What the heck is a mindful business?




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It’s 2021 and we are at the beginning of a business revolution!

To be honest it has been coming for a long time now, but 2020 definitely kickstarted this evolution into overdrive. Gone are the days of business simply being unique and for profit. Today’s public/consumer expects more from the brand it buys/learns/aligns with. Ekkkkkk!!

So what in the world is a mindful/conscious business?

To put it simply, a mindful business is a brand & business that cares. Mindful businesses aren’t confined to any single category, but they do share the same core characteristics:

  •  Inclusivity to all humans, regardless of race, religion, sex, or ability.
  • Awareness of their impacts, big and small (and a desire to take responsibility for them).
  • Fairness in infrastructure and business operations, from the source and treatment of labor to the quality of ingredients, process, and technique.
  • Educational business model aimed at encouraging the adoption of positive community behaviors.
  • Desire to enhance the planet, communities, and environments in which we operate and interact.

So often each of the topics above are so closely intertwined with each other, you really can’t have one without the other.  To make it even tougher on businesses, our customers are following us more closely than ever, so we need to be 100% honest with how we are improving and being more mindful.


So what does this mean for the Average business/brand?

Photo of Computer with business papers & matcha tea

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with a mile high to-do list trying to be a more mindful business, so here are some categories to think about before you create anything new in the world:

1. Inclusivity:

You may have a key demographic (i.e. Mothers) but mothers come in all shapes and sizes, genders, pronouns, speak a multitude of languages or simply can’t speak or read. So when you’re working on your newest launch, please be as inclusive as possible. This means:

    • ensuring your work is designed with accessibility in mind.
    • inclusive to all races, religions, shapes, sizes, and sex.
    • has a voice that is inclusive to different communities and isn’t biased against another.


2.  Positive Impact:

Everything we do has a chain reaction from the way things are made through to the end cycle of the product. To have a positive impact-based business, you must look at every part of your business for holes and ways to improve. Here are some topics to think about:

      • Sustainability
        How sustainable is your business? What are your products made from? How does your business operate? Does it have a negative reaction with the world for just existing? (i.e hosting a website creates XXX Co2 a year)
      • Fair
        Who creates your product or services? Do you pay living wages, even healthcare? Are you an equal opportunity employer? Do you have minorities in leadership positions? It is more evident than ever that a happy workplace creates happier, more productive employees. And if you hire a 3rd party to help with your business, be sure to look at the company’s policies for their workers. You will be surprised how many businesses take the profit to the shareholder/CEO vs the people doing the leg work.
      • Privilege
        Many of us walk into the world (myself included) with a whole lot more  privilege the than the person before us, from technology through to education, sex, and skin color. We must recognize these things and ensure that you pay tribute to the people before you. This could mean recognition or giving back to the community who you benefited from.

3. Education:

Today’s customers demand transparency. From the way we operate our business, through to the way we make our product, it is our job to stay informed and on top of the policies + trends. It is also our job to educate our customers on how we are doing a world of good and how they can too! I can’t tell you how many times I have picked up a package with a recycle symbol on it and come to find out it isn’t recyclable in my county. It is our job to be responsible as possible.



So how do you feel after reading all of these tips… overwhelmed??
I get it. As a business, we are responsible for all the decisions we make, and making the world a better place, while also creating and educating. Ahhhhh!

But there is a bright side…..

No-one is 100% perfect. We are all evolving humans and other humans get that!
So take a deep breath (maybe meditate for 5 minutes) and then find a comfortable spot to brainstorm 1-2 ways you can be more mindful in your business or even personal life.

It could be as simple as introducing recycling bins at your office or printing on FSC certified paper. If everyone took the time to be more mindful the world would be a greater place for it.


So there you have it my friend: “Mindful business 101!”

So tell me, do you run a mindful business? OR Do you want to run a more mindful business?
If so please don’t be a stranger. Drop us a comment below or better yet: Let us help you design a brand that is more mindful.

  1. Carla, I would love you to help design a brand that is more mindful.
    Promoting the way I recycle jewellery, homewares, fabrics into exclusive ranges.
    I so look forward to this exciting journey.


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